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Ever have dreams of climbing Everest?

Get a new or better job, start and own a business, travel to Costa Rica, or find a new relationship.

One of the most important things you must understand, and before you dismiss these ideas, is nothing you’ve ever wanted to accomplish is out of reach.

The Chief Goals Officer method will not only help you achieve your goals, the process itself will improve your life.

Complete Package - Chief Goals Officer

*pen and laptop not included.

“The first step in achieving a goal is setting a goal. The second step is taking that goal and turning it into reality. The third and most important step is to approach that goal with purpose and passion. Every ‘super star’ has a coach; every CEO has a board of directors, make Wayne Kurtz part of your team and you will never say “I wish I had”.

Rocky Bleier, Four-time Super Bowl Champion, Purple Heart and Bronze Star Recipient, Vietnam Veteran

The Complete Goals Package includes

  • Immediate Download of the ebook, Never Have to Say “I Wish I Had”
  • Your own handmade, leather Chief Goals Officer Journal (Valued at $84.95).
  • 60 – 3×5 “I Wish I Had” cards

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“It is no surprise that Wayne is as successful as he is in each endeavor. In his latest book, Never Say “I Wish I Had” 30 Days to Becoming Your Own Chief Goals Officer, Wayne Kurtz delivers a no-nonsense, approachable plan to achieve that which had up to now had seemed unachievable. We will include this book in our office library!”

CEO and Executive Coach, Ty Boyd Executive Communications and Coaching

Chief Goals Officer - testimonials - Anne Boyd-Moore
Anne Boyd Moore

“Whether you are running your first 5K or climbing Mount Everest, setting goals is paramount to achieving your dreams. If you don’t want to look back on your life with regrets, Wayne’s book is the de facto inspiration you need to unlock your potential and push yourself outside your comfort zone!”


Clay Abney

“Wayne’s new book Never Say “I Wish I Had” provides the template required to set and more importantly achieve your goals. It’s the roadmap each of us requires to ensure we arrive at our destinations. Coaching is required at every level of athletics, business and life. This book provides you that coach and the tools you need to be the best you can be.”

Eight year National Football League (NFL) veteran
President, Pittsburgh Chapter of the NFL Alumni
Co-Author of Pigskin Dreams – The People Places and Events that Forged the Character of the NFL’s Greatest Players. pigskindreams.com

Chief Goals Officer - testimonials - Todd Kalis
Todd Kalis

“Of the many books published each year on goal setting, only a tiny fraction have anything new to say. This is one of them. This is invaluable material and a must read for anybody who cares about success in their lives.”

VP of Sales, TriMark SSKemp

Chief Goals Officer - testimonials - Anthony Pappis
Anthony Pappis

“Reading Wayne Kurtz’s personal story is enough to make me believe he knows how to set and achieve big, lofty goals. And then he backs up his experience with real, actionable steps to help you achieve your goals, too. Never Say “I Wish I Had” is not a fluffy, rah-rah ‘you-can-do-it’ book. While it is motivating, Kurtz provides tools, worksheets and real-life examples as well as step-by-step instructions on how to set and achieve realistic, big, goals. It’s like having your own personal goals coach on every step of your journey to success.”

Online Visibility Mentor

Chief Goals Officer - testimonials - Denise Wakeman
Denise Wakeman

“Wayne Kurtz’ has written the ultimate book and complete system for achieving your goals –  Everyone needs this book !

As an NBC TV Olympics expert guest, Your Performing Edge best-selling author, Stanford trained sports psychologist, coach to Olympic Gold Medalists, and SF Marathon winner, I look to Wayne Kurtz as THE top expert and consultant on goals and productivity. I have worked with Wayne professionally, he is an exceptional goal achiever, and he lives what he teaches every day.

Wayne has over 25 years of competitive athletic and business experience with excellent coaching skills and he is amazing to work with. Because he is very personable, understanding, and a great teacher, he can help you to make the transformation you need to reach your full potential with his goal setting system. His wisdom and contributions have made a phenomenal difference in the lives of thousands. If you have a chance to work with Wayne, do it! I highly recommend Wayne Kurtz’ book as your blueprint to reach your goals quickly and keep reaching your targets every year.”

Olympic Performance Coach

Chief Goals Officer - testimonials - Dr. Joann Dahlkoetter
Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter

Never Say “I Wish I Had”

The Book

Wayne Kurtz’ new E-Book Never Say “I Wish I Had” is designed to help guide you toward not only identifying the goals you want to achieve, but then also taking you through a step-by-step process to reach those goals.

You’ll Learn

  • Why Goals Are Important
  • The difference between Dreams and Goals
  • How to take small steps toward the big picture
  • How to celebrate each win
  • How to build and keep momentum toward your final goal
  • Wayne’s personal Goals Formula
  • Effective Time Management
  • Accountability Tools
  • The Value of “Goal Journaling”
Cheif Goals Officer - Never Say "I Wish I Had..."

About the Handmade Leather Journal

Included in the Complete Goals Package you will receive a beautiful handmade leather journal, the same journal that Wayne uses and talks about in the book.  The journal contains hand torn paper with printed worksheets in the back. There is also a pen loop for your favorite pen and a pocket to hold your “I Wish I Had” Cards. (pen not included)

Read more about the journal

Chief Goals Officer - Handmade Leather Journal
Chief Goals Officer - Goals Card

Get The Journal and Course Now

  • Immediate Download of Never Have to Say “I Wish I Had”
  • Your own handmade leather Chief Goals Officer Journal (Valued at $84.95).
  • 60 – 3×5 “I Wish I Had” cards

Total Price: $187.85

Pre-Launch Special Price: $97.00

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