The comprehensive CD/MP3 Set will highlight in detail all the key concepts of the 30 Days to Becoming Your Own Chief Goals Officer program.

It’s your traveling library of the Chief Goals Officer! Additional Goal Setting ideas including detailed information, discussions, life examples of others and specific action outcomes will be covered in the CD/MP3 set. Other topics covered:

  1. Accountability Of Goals – Specifically to meet your objectives
  2. Personal Brand – How to easily develop your personal brand most effectively with 5 Easy To Implement Tools
  3. Top 10 Action Items to Focus On Every Day that will result in the best opportunity to achieve your goals
  4. Time Management and The Art of Leveraging Efficiently For Goal Achievement
  5. Career and Life Goals Toolkit/Roadmap – Unusual and Effective Techniques to Get The Dream Job for Yourself, Family Member or Friend during a competitive job environment.
  6. Life Examples of Goal Setting that should be considered and how to get it done quickly.
  7. A Day In The Life Of A Chief Goals Officer – Detailed examples that you can use and blend into your specific personal goal setting and achievement process.
  8. Various Idea’s to using the Never Say “I Wish I Had” index cards
  9. Journaling in detail, why does it work so effectively for your goals.
  10. Complete description and review of all the various Goals Worksheets.