Life Coaching is a Myth

Wayne’s Accountability Mentoring (WAM) – Extensive personal mentoring program that is built upon a pay for achievement system similar to a successful money manager.

There is nothing like this unique approach in the “Life Coaching” marketplace. When you accomplish a goal similar to when a money manager charges a fee based upon a performance target the same for WAM. However, WAM achievement fee is only paid when goals are attained. It’s all about discipline, goals, accountability and there will be nothing “touchy and feely” with WAM. Performance improvement is guaranteed within the life goal categories outlined in Never Say “I Wish I Had”. Partnering is imperative and will ensure that the mentor and student have their own time and expense in the goal setting process, which will result in accountability and action.

Bucket Lists Are Just Dreams Without Any Accountability Or Deadlines

If you want to change your life with comprehensive accountability and goal setting, then WAM is for you.

We don’t do bucket lists. We do results. The focus will begin with building a comprehensive goals life plan, which will include specific target dates and then scheduled weekly conference/Skype calls with a concise agenda to ensure both parties are being accountable. In addition, continuous communication will be via email and targeted worksheets/action items with specific implementation dates. All results and accountability will be monitored through Basecamp system or Google Doc’s. This will be an aggressive approach to ensure goal achievement and the life mentoring process. Also, included will be WAM Accountability Meetings. These are intensive meetings every 4 months of agenda focused meetings to review all current issues, challenges and personal accountability. These meetings are mandatory to ensure that there is movement toward life goals achievement. If there is no accountability system in place nothing will change and you will be in the same place year after year and not accomplishing you most audacious goals! We guarantee that the WAM program will change your life, accomplish goals or your money back. The WAM program will push you but will always ensure you enjoy the most important part of Goal Achievement – THE JOURNEY!

This Impressive Collection Of Proposed Tools Will Be Included At A 50% Discount To WAM Students

  • Comprehensive Webinars on topics such as Journaling, Time Management, Accountability, Positioning your Career, Chief Goals Officer CD’s, DVD’s

  • Personal Branding in 90 Days course

  • Future EBooks – Job Search Course

  • How To Course on Outsourcing Your CRM System = Retirement Income for Life

  • How To Build a Speaking Business

  • How to get Corporate Sponsors

  • Chief Goals Officer Academy and Income Opportunities

  • Extensive mind mapping

Goal Achievement Payable to WAM is $200 per goal. CGO is committed and has financial interest in being the “pest” and ongoing mentor to get goals achieved over time. How many Life Coaches will put their time and money at discounted fees for an incentive only paid if you achieve your goals?

Through years of helping individual’s I have found that if both parties (Mentor and Student) allocate money and time behind the goals accomplishment process, accountability will occur. The Mentor and the Student will be more engaged to actually reach for some big life goals.

Stop dreaming and start doing

Make an investment in yourself and start achieving your life’s goals! Start the WAM program now.

Only $500 per month for a minimum of 6 months.