Chief Goals Officer - Goal Setting to Make an Exceptional Life
Chief Goals Officer - Workshop Series

This presentation is geared specifically for individuals who want to become high achievers and athletes. The tools and specific action plans will  help them design a plan guaranteed to help them cross the finish line, achieve another level in their career and life. Wayne Kurtz will review his personal insight and advice to help create a custom mental training program that is guaranteed to deliver specific measurable results in all aspects of work and as an athlete. In this presentation, Wayne highlights:

  • How to create mental training strategies to meet individual needs

  • Advice, tips and a plan to stay on target to achieve the goal

  • The value and importance of getting your mind in a positive place

  • How to overcome and avoid mental stress within the workplace

  • Top 20 Time Wasters and a Plan to Eliminate Them

  • Focus on results and accountability

  • Reinforcement of accountability to Never Say “I Wish I Had”

  • Guaranteed to have “No Fluff” but creative strategy and Plan to implement and monitor results

  • It only takes 10-15 minutes a day

  • How to create a goals mind-map

  • 30 Days – Step by step

CRM Goal Setting System

Connecting Not Just Communicating

Team Leaders Workshop

Monetizing your customer base effectively with ongoing value. Up-selling your customer and driving them to opt-in your CRM. Review of all key data compiled in the system and coordination of email newsletter. Discussion of Survey of customers and how to create a closer connection.   What’s in your CRM system?

How to effectively connect with a customer to gather key information. Engaging customers to get future referrals, retention goals, personal branding, and implementable ideas. Comprehensive discussion of passion/partnering with your customers.

Focus on Accountability. Discussion on the overall reporting and review to ensure that specific action items are completed. Deadlines and target dates. What’s your system look like and how do you manage most effectively.

Life Coaching is a Myth

Social Media/Website


Wayne’s Accountability Mentoring (WAM!) Extensive personal mentoring program that is built upon a pay for performance system similar to a successful money manager. There is nothing like this unique approach in the marketplace. It’s all about discipline, goals, accountability and nothing “touchy and feely”. Performance improvement guaranteed within life goal categories.

Strategy and Goals Discussion will begin with a comprehensive review of the tools, daily tasks and potential automation of the various social media tools. This is the beginning phase of developing a comprehensive strategy and goals for each of the various tools. Branding will be crucial to get to the long-term goals of the company. Major tools reviewed will include: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In (Groups), Blogging. Driving customers to the site to opt in – CRM.

A simple tool with exceptional results A comprehensive learning process of mind-mapping with the use of paper and software models used to map out marketing/business plans, business hurdles, new initiatives, and most importantly, goal achievement.

Personal Branding in 90 Days Sessions

Review of why branding is so important today with specific examples and action items. Development and implementation of a specific daily but easy to manage plan. If your name is not coming up on Google you are not relevant in today’s marketplace.

Public Speaking and Presentation Writing Workshop

One of the most important key differentiation factors for a leader is becoming an exceptional speaker. This two-day workshop will highlight how to structure and write a winning presentation, telling the best story, PowerPoint disasters, delivery, tone, and speaking to your specific audience. Additional highlights will include how to control the room and get reaction and results from the specific presentation. Wayne’s 25 years of public speaking experience globally on a host of topics will highlight the best ways to inspire, motive and encourage creative collaboration to create a specific vision to the audience. This comprehensive boot camp will take your speaking to another level no matter what your experience level. This is not a “normal” public speaking course.

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